DefocusThree-channel light installation

Defocus transforms a high-speed sequence of documentary images into an intense experience of light and colour. More than 40,000 photographs captured over 12 years flicker at a speed on the threshold of legibility. A thin film over the image refracts the pictures into light forms, while leaving the raw image stream narrowly visible at the edges. Vibrating with chromatic intensity and an arresting depth-effect, the eye and the mind are drawn deeper into the image-machine.

Defocus, 2005-2018. Light installation; animated still images on 4K displays, diffusion film, cinema lighting mounts; 19' 49", loop. Edition of three.

Concept, design and images by Maris Mezulis. Produced by Maris Mezulis Studio. Exhibited at Kaserne Basel as part of A Room With Some Views with Lisa Böffgen, June 2018. Shortlisted for the Basel Media Arts Prize, October 2018.

installationimage sequence light
Last update 24 Jul 2019