56 Leonard StreetTwo-channel image installation

Visually expanding the complete process of designing a skyscraper, detail by detail. 10,000 images from the project archive sequenced in a looping composition challenge the slick imagery of real estate propaganda. On one screen, rough photos of models and material samples, renderings, drawings and sketches are rapidly and continuously stacked atop one another, while the opposite screen catches and freezes key images at full size for longer intervals.

56 Leonard Street, 2008; two-channel image installation; 9'35'' loop.

Concept and design by Maris Mezulis. Commissioned by Herzog & de Meuron. Produced by Maris Mezulis in collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron. Exhibited at 75 Leonard Street (New York), 2008 to 2016.

installation image sequence architecture analysis collaboration
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