Some(computational)bodiesDynamic textile simulator

In a near-future where textile becomes screen, clothing and wearable items emerge as a blank canvas for image systems. Layers of fabrics wrapping the body emit a continuously shifting flow of colour and pattern, infinitely expressive and programmable.

Both architectural intervention and pattern generator, the project explores the possibilities of dynamic materials: a field of projected light transforms the human body into a dynamic image surface. As the figure passes through the field, light envelops the contours of the body to produce unexpected optical effects.

Some(computational)bodies, 2019. Dynamic textile simulator with variable dimensions and program.

Concept and design by Maris Mezulis in collaboration with Lela Scherrer Fashion and Concept Design. Supported by Swiss Textiles. Produced by Maris Mezulis Studio. First exhibited as part of a private event for Swiss Textiles (Bern, Switzerland), March 2019.

installationimage light
© Maris Mezulis