Forest, Cave, Mountain

Digital cinema — 13’52”
This trio of short films offers an experiential view of contemporary Japanese architecture. The film on Ishigami's "KAIT Workshop" rhythmically foregrounds the structure while revealing the surrounding space. The study of "Final Wooden House" by Fujimoto demonstrates the idea of tiered habitation levels and communication between interior and exterior. The film of Hirata's "alp" studies the lines and angles of the multi-family house as an analog to a mountainous landscape, where light continuously shifts the mood across peaks and crevasses.
Produced by Maris Mezulis and Naomi Shibata; Music by Le Tone; Exhibited at Spazio FMG Gallery (Milan) as part of Architecture As A Piece Of Nature, April 2011, and at Camera Japan Festival (Rotterdam), January 2014.
© Maris Mezulis