Herzog & de Meuron: Project ViewsSingle-channel still-image installation

An immersive experience of architecture from a uniquely human point of view. Built from the photographic archive of Herzog & de Meuron, the meditative still-image sequence shows fifty projects over thirty years with a narrative focus on the ways people occupy and use architecture. The human presence in each picture grows progressively larger through the sequence, starting with crowds where people appear as a few pixels, and ending with close-ups where people appear 3x larger than life size. The nearly imperceptible effect of this "scalar gradient" magnetically draws the viewer more into the image by triggering the primal desire to observe others.

Concept and design by Maris Mezulis. Commissioned by Herzog & de Meuron. Produced by Maris Mezulis Studio in collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron. Exhibited at Vancouver Art Gallery as part of A Material Future: The Architecture of Herzog & de Meuron and the Vancouver Art Gallery, March 2015.

installationimage sequence architecture analysis collaboration
Last update 24 Jul 2019